Refresh and Recycle

HP ensures that returned products are recycled in an environmentally friendly way, processing them to recover valuable plastics and metals for new products and diverting millions of tons of waste from landfills.

STEP 1: Purchase a new qualifying HP LaserJet or PageWide device.
See the full list of eligible products.

STEP 2: Complete your claim form within 30 days of purchase.

STEP 3: Pack up your used printer for free shipping and recycling. (PRINTERS LESS THAN 115 pounds QUALIFY)

Printing Services



From small office to production printing, Data Source can help you select a printer for any application

Printer Supplies

Printer Supplies

Save money and save the environment! As a leading provider of printing solutions.

Managed print services

Managed print services

Data Source can provide you with a comprehensive study of your printer fleet.

We provide cost-effective supplies and solutions for your printing and IT environment.

Our goal at Data Source is to save you money and help you solve problems. We take pride in understanding your business so that when you need supplies or solutions, we know why, where and when. Our customers tell us  that one of the main reasons they choose to do business with Data Source is because we care. We have been a trusted partner for IT and Purchasing professionals for over 30 years. Give us a call, we’d love to hear from you!

Ring scanners and warehouse efficiency

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When printer repair isn’t worth it

Printers sometimes encounter mechanical failures and need to be repaired; that’s almost a universal constant.  But it may not always be the best choice. While spending $100 to fix a one-month old, $5000 printer makes sense, older printers should sometimes be put out to pasture. Here are several scenarios where printer repair is not worth […]

Rugged Vs. Consumer Devices in the Warehouse

Tough, smart, and sexy: Why rugged reigns over consumer devices in the warehouse Mobile technology isn’t new for industrial use. But when the smartphone was launched, followed by the tablet, consumer adoption was rapid and rabid. As software developers churned out more tempting, sophisticated, and fun mobile apps, consumers became addicted to their mobile devices. […]

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