Printer Repair

We repair major brands of printers, including

HP, Lexmark, IBM, Ricoh, Canon, Konica, Kyocera, Dell, Sharp, Printronix, Zebra, Datamax, Sato.

Services offered:

1.  On-site repair

2.  Post warranty annual maintenance

3.  Fleet service agreements

4.  Managed Print Services

5.  FREE over the phone diagnosis (with contracted equipment only)

For service, call 800-737-7075.

Please have this information available:

1. Printer brand and model #

2.  Brief description of the problem

3.  Steps you have taken to resolve, if any

4.  Are there any error messages on the LCD panel?

5.  How many people are sharing the printer (approximately)

6.  How critical is the printer to your business

How to avoid problems BEFORE they occur :

1.  Change your printer’s maintenance kit when the printer notifies you it is time

2.  Clean your printer — try to keep your printer free of dust and excess toner. 

3.  Use only one type of paper in a tray at a time.  Tell your printer what type of paper you are printing on.  Most printers have a drop-down menu where you can select paper type.

How to fix problems AFTER they occur:

1.  Streaking/poor print/leaking – change the toner cartridge

2.  Printer won’t print from my computer — walk to the printer and print a test page.  If the test page prints, check connections to the printer.  Turn it off, then back on and attempt to print again from your computer.

3.  Printer won’t print a test page — remove the toner cartridge and re-insert.  Try again to print a configuration page.

4.  Printer is jamming — turn off the printer.  Open all doors leading to the paper path.  Carefully pull out paper sheets, scraps or anything obstructing the paper path.  Close all doors, turn the printer on and attempt to print.

If these DIY tips do not solve the problem, call Data Source at 800-737-7075 and request service.